Autonomic Computing Research

ACCORD: An Autonomic Component Framework

This research addresses programming abstractions and supporting infrastructure to enable the definition and implementation of autonomic components.

This research develops mechanisms and supporting infrastructure to enable autonomic applications to be dynamically and opportunistically composed from autonomic components. The composition will be based on policies and constrains that are defined, deployed and executed at run time, and will be aware of available Grid resources and components, and their current states, requirements, and capabilities.

This research models and mechanisms for support distributed applications that are build on purely local and opportunistics interactions defined by local constraints and objectives.  

RUDDER: The AutoMate Deductive Rule Engine

RUDDER is a peer-to-peer deductive engine that provides easy-to-use standard interfaces for users to define, modify and delete rules and policies, algorithms and mechanisms to deploy and execute them based on context information and  support for managing their execution including conflicts and exceptions.

Comet: A Scalable Coordination Space for Decentralized Distributed Environments

The objective of this research is to build a scalable content-based coordination space for wide-area P2P environments.

Squid: A Decentralized Discovery Service

The objective of this project is to develop distributed indexing schemes for distributed P2P data sharing and discovery systems that can support scalable keyword searches using partial keywords, ranges and wildcards, while providing search guarantees.

Meteor: Content-based Middleware for Pervasive Applications

Meteor is an infrastructure for content-based decoupled interactions in pervasive Grid environments providing services for content routing, content discovery and associative interactions.

SESAME: Dynamic Access Control Engine

This research investigates access control models and mechanisms that will are based on the state and context of the interacting entities.

Pawn: P2P Messaging Substrate

This project addresses the design, development, and deployment of key services on top of the Grid middleware infrastructure to support autonomic applications.